We are more than just Advisory and Consulting

We are more than just Advisory and Consulting we are Talent as a Service.

Come meet us up close
Come meet us up close

According to January 2019, Gartner 4Q18 Emerging Risks Survey*Sixty-three percent of respondents indicated that was a key concern for their organization.” The Consulting Hour addresses that market and staffing need with TaaS, a fast, scalable, outcome-based workforce model that allows companies to increase productivity, quality and efficiency.

We’re debunking Typical Software Consulting Methodology
We’re debunking Typical Software Consulting Methodology

As the Talent-as-a-Service (TaaS) model comes to rescue organizations from recent disruption, the service itself has undergone many changes. There is a drastic increase, as industry leaders say, in the deployment of data science-led technologies to drive efficiencies and supplement human intelligence and decision-making.

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With the closure of FY 2020-2021 below are our key Accomplishments:

1. Launched marketplace for Sustainable living( during covid 19 pandemics to encourage and promote digital adoption among small scale artist, homepreneurs and small scale manufacturers.

2. Promoted Social Media for Apartment and Community handling more than 1000+ users simultaneously and to connect Aniwarya with community buyers.

3.Launched Cloud platform for small scale entrepreneurs to enable them in digitising bookkeeping, record, secure chat, Audio and video conferencing.

4.Provided internship to more than 30 students from various college including IIM, IIT and other Tier 1, Tier 2 colleges to ensure continuous participation and learning.

5. Conducted offsite training for 3 Major Software outsourcing firm on cloud technology.

6.Helped more than 5 startups with product-market fit and technology stack to successfully kick start product development.

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