We are more than just Advisory and Consulting

We are more than just Advisory and Consulting we are Talent as a Service.

Come meet us up close
Come meet us up close

According to January 2019, Gartner 4Q18 Emerging Risks Survey*Sixty-three percent of respondents indicated that was a key concern for their organization.” The Consulting Hour addresses that market and staffing need with TaaS, a fast, scalable, outcome-based workforce model that allows companies to increase productivity, quality and efficiency.

We’re debunking Typical Software Consulting Methodology
We’re debunking Typical Software Consulting Methodology

As the Talent-as-a-Service (TaaS) model comes to rescue organizations from recent disruption, the service itself has undergone many changes. There is a drastic increase, as industry leaders say, in the deployment of data science-led technologies to drive efficiencies and supplement human intelligence and decision-making.

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Project delivered

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The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same

Start your digital journey with us.


Our management consulting and advisory services focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, transformation, digital, advanced analytics.



Success in the digital era requires enterprises to achieve high quality at equally high speed. Cognizant helps you achieve quality and speed as you reimagine your business, technology, and customer experience.



Unlock new business models and strategies to create exponential value and outpace the competition.



Keep your business continuously available, delivering personalized experiences via agile digital infrastructure and services

Our Process

Four easy steps to finish the project
Initial Consultation

Establish an Initial consultation for 90-minute meeting with our experts to discuss your current issues and/or concerns to help them defining your goal and vision.

Project Planning

We define project success metrics, establish steps required to define a solution to the current state, and prepare future state mapping.

Project Management and Execution

Sharpen focus to provide the clarity necessary to make decisions that support your most important goals and enable businesses with resources to holistically execute their strategy.

Project Delivery

We deliver your vision and goal enabled though process and technology

Our Services

Good things don't happen. We make them

Web and Mobile Development

Build and scale products and user experiences across all devices

Program Management

Coordinating a set of related projects towards a common goal with a focus on business viability.

Product Strategy and Management

Custom workshops to align on go-to-market strategy, UX design, or product roadmap

Market Research

Gaining information about target markets, trends, competitors, customers and segments.


Thrive in a connected world by defining new business models and building e-commerce enabled digital business platforms.

Data Science and Analytics

Work with experts in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and more

IT Management

Create, maintain and grow the technical backbone systems of your organisation while you focus on your core business

Business Analysis

Understand systems & processes to develop holistic solutions to improve business results.

HR Management

Ensuring you have the right people progressing with the right capabilities where you need them in your business.

We don’t compromise with our quality services

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